Sep 10th 2015, 6:16 am
Answered a question: remove comment
go to php myadmin . Select the database and then scroll down..
Sep 5th 2015, 5:58 am
Answered a question: blog are not paragraphing
yeah mate just done it but still no joy think theres a decod..
Jun 23rd 2013, 2:35 am
Answered a question: modify comments
You need to modify function comment_form inn
Jun 8th 2013, 7:23 am
you needo to login to hostgater and click on files and then..
Jun 8th 2013, 7:17 am
Answered a question: Upgrade from 4 to 6 Errror
type sure you have u..
May 29th 2013, 7:05 am
Answered a question: Remove fan pages
you have to go into the database and remove them phpmyadmin ..
May 29th 2013, 6:56 am
the code is in includes/libs/admin.module.php
Mar 7th 2013, 6:40 am
@eino the older script i feel is better anyways .Ive bought 6 7 and 8 and still use 5 but everyone to their own . When y.. View | Reply
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Jcow in the old times was a free script. Now it costs, and t..
May 4th 2012, 5:11 am
upload to themes go to admin cp click on themes and activate..
Jan 3rd 2012, 5:07 am
login as admin and click forgot password and then go to the ..
Jan 3rd 2012, 5:04 am
Answered a question: brand removal
search for powered in . and remove the branding t..
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