5 days ago
If you have a Pro/Ultimate license, you can always download future upgrades for
We need a stories feature/module for the Ultimate edition of our jcow software to finally modernize our social media platforms for its a long time main feature for the social media platforms industry content creation of the best social networking platform industry for the past few years now!
20 days ago
No, it does not support multi sites for one installation.
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hi all. thanks for let me in.
when are we going to finally get stories & live streaming modules/ features for jcow? been waiting for these features for a few years now so i can finally use my ultimate jcow license ! this would be the number 1 software with those 2 features!!
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My experience with Jcow is growing and growing!
Support is fast and excellent!
My start was not easy, but it was my fault!
I must apologize my harsh postings!
new here
I made config.php writeable! History: I installed via softaculous! Then