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UC MAFIA LTD (@uclimited)
5 months ago

@paul you refer to stories and you guys do not have anything remotely close to or representee of a stories feature like every single major social media network that is anything close to relevant has stories feature for example facebook, instagram, X, and youtube calls it shorts i believe but its a stories feature. i am not trying to be rude or mean guys but having the real stories feature is a must have on any relevant social network or if we all trying to create that level of a network we absolutely need the real stories feature please guys !!! i have own the ultimate edition as you know for 7 plus yrs and have none stop been requesting this and it is absolutely the #1 feature that anyone & everyone says is a deciding factor on if they will sign up to join a social network or not join! way more importin then even live streaming. i have had nothing but problems getting my networks to become the level i have to get to with my partners if the are going to stay invested and not poll out. so if since ive and so many others on jcow have all been requesting to get stories feature just like facebook and instagram for years upon years and for some reason you guys still havent accomplished doing this. if you well not put a new update within the next week or two at the most i will have to finally stop being loyal to jcow after being so for so many yrs now! an switch to either phpfox or JOOJ who both have great stories features because i will not lose my main investor whos got over 8 million followers to bring to this network im doing between facebook and instagram alone. but will not promote and bring them over until i have the real stories feature ... an are going to poll out in 2.5 weeks if a dont produce it after waiting years upon years because ive been trying so hard to stay loyal to jcow ridiculously long time. so if you could please give me the respect i deserve an straight up tell me if you cant make the stories module the real one available to download is modules or a new update module in jcow script web and for app as well within 2 weeks from this post i well be leaving jcow because no real stories feature after 7 years + requesting for it and i wont lose my partners and investors who been waiting for all this time also thinking its my fault for no stories which is kinda for being so loyal hoping an getting nowhere.

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