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Rodney Harrison (@seanharrison737)
41 months ago

They require this code to be placed on your site, how do you even do this?
Or am I missing something? Help, please.

Paste it into the HTML of http://that-site.com, between the <head> and </head> tags
Your AdSense code

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You can put code to <head> by modifying template file.

But it seems that you are using Adsense By site ad. That is not recommended, because it will display ad on every page and position can not be optimized by Jcow.

We'd recommend to use By ad unit. That will allow you to put ad code to <body>. You can put the ad code directly from Jcow Admin CP -> "Ad blocks".

paul @paul
41 months ago
@paul It only gives me one option ad the code to my site. They are asking for this code to placed.
41 months ago
@seanharrison737 Is your site still in "reviewing" status from Google Adsense?
41 months ago
@paul yes, but I am going to wait until the site is out there and shows some growth before I concern myself with this, it would nice to have
41 months ago