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100 months ago

Upgrade facebook connection process. Clean sign up UI and auto-approve verified facebook user.
Upgrade "Topics" module. Add tab menu "hot stories" and "followed". Show only featured tags in "tags" tab.
Remove "my tags" and "hot stories" from "feed" module.
Add "Who to follow" on user home, integrated with "featured pages".
Disabled "landing page" option.
Do not require recaptcha first login.
Optimized default theme menu.
Fixed known bugs.

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I have buy cms Jcow.but, I don't have credit card or paypal.can help me?
100 months ago
@adhi get PayPal
100 months ago
Good update
100 months ago
does the "who to follow" work if one doesn't have the pages module already activated? since i noticed its integrated with featured pages?..
100 months ago
@mcuac Yes, it works for both Pages and Profiles.
100 months ago
Is the Landing Page and Hot Stories option coming back in the future?
99 months ago
@paul why ?
90 months ago
@paul yes i do
90 months ago