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Robster Tech (@robstertech)
16 months ago

Where are the Advanced Plugins / Themes / Skins / Add-ons for Ultimate ?

Not a PHP expert, but Copy & paste still works ok . . LOL !

wanna add themes to my jcow

@robstertech what kind of advanced plugins you need ?
16 months ago
Hi Jcow Master,

I am what most would call a programming novice...

But a couple ideas popped up amongst the boys over here,

1) the music Player is a nice start, but can we Make Folders, Channels, Share-able Recommendations ( Music Likes )
and... perhaps a music Player control embedded on the HOME screen,with Music Controls ( Pause/Play/Next/Volume/Mute )
and a Music Like button on the control.

2) Another guy suggested a news feed box plug-in that shows current headlines, sports scores, and weather on a 3" banner on the HOME Page.

3) and MY Favorite : Turn the IMAGES section into a full-fledged PhotoAlbum Plugin. The Share-All page currently is nice, but i wanna make folders, timelines, and share certain photos in an album,
with a link I/we can email to anyone, so they can view it, whether they are a member or not.

Many Apps out there charge extra for advanced plugins,
That's Understood: this is a good Base-Product, with room for Advanced features. Thought you may have a few laying around...

I got a few more, but lets start with these....

Thank You Jedi-JCow, Your our only hope...

15 months ago
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