Jeff Pagliei (@oraqle)
17 months ago


I just installed JCow, and i am trying to make an invite only community, except, none of my invites are going out. I set up the SMTP, same domain, same service that jcow is running on, with the correct info (changed and checked like 15 times... but it's not working...

is there some other back end setting i need to check to enable SMTP to work. PHPmail function isn't working either.

any thoughts?

faithcanonadmin: @oraqle I am having the same issue. It says the email went out but not receiving on the other end.
17 months ago Report
innocent cyril: @oraqle me too the same issue
16 months ago Report
Rodney Harrison: @oraqle Make that Three of us, who has the solution?
8 months ago Report
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