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Jcow Blog
29 months ago


Upload the upgrade.php, run this file from your web browser, and then delete this file.

Then upload the following folders:

static, modules, includes


Fix known bugs

Add badges

Add Coins

Add Awards

Add Like Reactions

Optimize hashtags

Optimize comment style

Optimize comment reactions

You can download this update from the Client Area.

Please jcow software administrators I will like in your next update of the software add changing of username, county, town
29 months ago
And other personal data
29 months ago
Add up the Nested Comments in your next update. Its sooo old skool to just have threaded comments thats mixes comments up, prioritize nested comments. Its important
28 months ago
when are we going to finally get stories & live streaming modules/ features for jcow? been waiting for these features for a few years now so i can finally use my ultimate jcow license ! this would be the number 1 software with those 2 features!!
27 months ago
Please jcow technically terms I want to make a suggestions I hope am allowed because the email I sent to the team I have not received a reply. My suggestions are; 1. Let the bbcode features should be have a completed functions let other BBcode I use to see in other website . 2. Let the site software should have a function that will hold admin settings while upgrading to a new version, if possible let the upgrading should take place through the admin area.
23 months ago
wow nice meeting update news
14 months ago