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Toni (@subukeda)
44 months ago

1 All-Free Jcow Store - Unlike other scripts provider that selling modules separately, we provide all Jcow modules FREE to download for Ultimate users.

2 Handle large traffic - Our optimized data query and the dynamic caching system can greatly lower the CPU/memory/disk load and speed up your website.

3 Mobile-Friendly - Excellent Mobile user experience.

4 Post Boosting system - Your members can boost their post by paying money to you. Higher bid get higher priority.
5 Deeply Google Map integrated - Based on locations, your members can find local friends, Create/Join local groups, Create/Join local events.
6 URL preview in Share box - Automatically generates a preview when pasting a URL that supports Open Graph protocol.

7 Adsense Optimized - Possible to let Google Adsense Crawler see the same thing that a users seen, and then display targeting ads

8 We use our own product - We are not making something that just looks good. As you can see, Our official community is powered by Jcow, so we seriously care about the security, performance, user experience and everything about our script (and yours).

9 User and Group suggestions - You can set some featured users and groups that will be recommended to new members.


@subukeda good one!
44 months ago
@subukeda i really really need to get stories for Jcow a feature i been asking for since purchasing a long time ago now and it is truly the
39 months ago