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Jcow Questions

Requirements: Jcow Pro 12+

Submitted by Jcow Team
Created: 150 months ago
Updated : 5 months ago
The files are included in your Jcow Ultimate package.

Why Jcow Answers?

Start a professional Q&A (questions and answers) application on your site. The most efficent way for your members to help each other. Very useful for user-generated content and SEO friendly pages.


  • Questions browse - Display questions asked from community.
  • Followed questions - Display followed questions.
  • My questions - Allow members to browse their own questions.
  • My answers - Allow members to browse their answers.(to see who like and comment)
  • Top exports - Display top exports of "this week" or "all time".
  • Follow/Un-follow questions.

Integrated with "pending post" (for Jcow 5+ only)

Integrated with "Quick Share" box - Make it very easy to ask a question.

Integrated with Profile page (Tab menu) - Display the member's Q&A

Integrated with "Jcow Likes"

Question Categories - Admin can Add/Remove/move categories

Question monitor - Admin can oversee new questions.

Answer monitor - Admin can oversee new answers.